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Flood control systems

All homes built after 1972 have separate sump pumps for the foundation drainage system as well as overhead sewage systems. A separate foundation drainage system helps keep the groundwater collected by the footing drains from entering the sanitary sewer systems during a rain storm. Flood controls, Backwater valves and Overhead sewer systems prevent sewer backups into the basement should the village sewer mains become overloaded or blocked.

The older sewer systems can be upgraded to prevent sanitary sewer backups into the basement. Flood control systems are well worth it in the long run, As long as it’s maintenance yearly along with your sewer system.

Flood controls allow you to use your system normally

A flood control system is installed in your yard, depending on where your sewer system is located, that has a series of valves in it, along with a sump pit and an injector pump.

If the city sewer systems back up, the valve will shut and any plumbing fixtures inside go into the sump pit and are pumped in front of the valves so you can use your plumbing inside the house as if the sewer system was running like normal.

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